Why I named my blog Idea Crib



Why I named my blog Idea Crib


Idea Crib seems to be a very abstract name for a straightforward lifestyle and wellness blog. Here’s the story behind the name:


Because everthing that is starts with an idea.

I started this site back in 2010 as an anything goes type of blog. I basically wrote about totally random things that caught my fancy. Since I’ve always been interested in ideas and abstract concepts, I thought of naming my blog Idea Crib. My tagline then was, “Because everything that is starts with an idea.” My big realization in 2010 was that experiences were nothing more than ideas realized. Everything that ever existed in this world started with a kernel of a thought.


Ideas on healthy living.

Two years ago, my mindset shifted a bit. By then, I had already been writing informative articles for a few publications. I began to view my blog as a platform to share what I know to those who needed doses of information and/or inspiration. I decided to focus on active lifestyles and wellness because – though I have a lot of interests – I didn’t want readers to be confused about what the blog was all about. I wanted my readers to know exactly what to expect whenever they visited my site.

I had a bit of a problem with my site’s name, though. I had regular traffic (mostly lurkers, which bums me out a bit, but there you go) and I didn’t want to lose whatever blogging inroads I gained. I thus created the tagline “Ideas on healthy living” to reflect the shift in my purpose while retaining the connection to my blog’s name.


Live healthy. Celebrate life.

The tagline you now see (“Live healthy. Celebrate life.”) in all the posts and pages is relatively new. I know that wellness isn’t the sexiest topic out there. I also know that not taking care of yourself can suck you out of the joy of living. Living healthy and celebrating life is basically my philosophy about health and living. You can have fun and indulge occasionally while still keeping a relatively clean lifestyle (a few mistakes here and there are totally allowed!). Taking care of yourself doesn’t deprive you of the pleasures of life. It adds joy to it. 🙂


Reverse Warrior at Cagbalete.
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