Recommended Resources

Recommended Resources

Listed here are some of the products and services I recommend (including one of my own) that you might find useful. This page will be updated from time to time.




The Top Five Things You Need to Consider Before Even Starting a Blog


My blogging journey is anything but smooth. I made so many boo-boos since I first started waaay back in 2004. Though Idea Crib is actually my third incarnation in the blogging universe, it was only a few years ago that I started taking blogging seriously. My decision to publish a blogging basics class for would-be and newbie bloggers is borne out of the hope that my students might learn from my past mistakes. Here are some of the reviews my class has garnered: 


The content of the class is very useful, very clear and easy to understand. She uses a lot of examples to explain everything she is talking about. This is a great class.” – Yaela Sans 

Very easy to watch and learned a lot. Great tips, I am looking forward to putting them to use in the next few weeks and posting a link to my blog. Thank you for an awesome class.” – Jeanne Lemire 

Relaxed easy pace, clear to understand, uses visuals to support information and doesn’t overwhelm with too many examples.” – Sue Riley 


By the way, it’s this class that pays for my blog’s monthly web host and occasional Facebook ad fees. If you want to support Idea Crib, you can donate via PayPal or sign up at Skillshare and get 2 free months of Skillshare Premium using my teacher’s referral link.


The Top Five Things You Need to Consider Before Even Starting a Blog. The image of the girl is from Public Domain Pictures.
The Top Five Things You Need to Consider Before Even Starting a Blog. Image from Public Domain Pictures.


Web hosting



First off, a disclosure: I am an affiliate of SiteGround. If you choose to avail of SiteGround’s services using the link above, I will get a small referral fee at no extra cost to you. That said, though their service is a bit pricier than most, I chose them late last year because of their stellar customer service. My former web host provider gave me headaches because I had a hard time contacting their customer support. SiteGround keeps my site running smoothly and offers 24/7 chat support to boot, and that’s exactly what I need to run this blog. Give them a try. 🙂


Web Hosting





Canva is an Australian graphic design startup and their tagline is “Empowering the world to design.” Their site has hundreds of free templates and photos that you can use to create your own special social media graphic, poster, event invite, etc. You can also upgrade your account and purchase their Canva for Work package if you need to organize your uploads, resize your designs, and save your brand colors, logos, and fonts. Check out the designs I made myself here!

Disclosure: I once wrote for Canva. I’m recommending them not because I collaborated with them (nor because I got paid for putting in a good word because I don’t!). I’m recommending them because I actually believe in their products. I’ve been using their program way before I wrote for them.



Appreciate each day as the gift that it is. © IDEA CRIB I IDEACRIB.NET
A constant personal reminder.


Online learning


The Internet is a boon for lifelong learners. The online world is awash with resources and courses that can enable one to attain further professional knowledge and/or life skills. If you would like to give online learning a try, I highly suggest for its courses aimed at improving one’s technology, creative, and business skills. A partner company of LinkedIn, they give you electronic certificates of completion afterwards which you can then display in your LinkedIn profile. It’s perfect for professionals who wish to hone what they have but do not have the time nor wherewithal to enroll in a traditional setup.

I took their Communication Fundamentals and Video Journalism courses last 2015 and was very happy about the concepts I learned. A caveat: the service is a bit pricey. There’s a free one-week trial for LinkedIn members, though!


The first image is from Public Domain Pictures.

This is my recommended list of premium resources. Here’s my recommended list of free resources.