Online Freebies

Online Freebies

Because who doesn’t want freebies? This page will be updated from time to time.




Leanne Brown

Good and Cheap: Eat Well on $4/Day – This is a free cookbook in eBook format. The title says it all. Eat well and cheap. WOW, right? Super yay! By the way, the recipes here are based on people who live on food stamps, but heck. We can all learn a thing or two from the book. Cheap doesn’t necessarily have to mean substandard. Thank you, Leanne!






Mindfulness for Wellness and Peak Performance – FutureLearn is a portal that offers awesome potential for learning. Like, all the courses are administered by field experts. Unlike, all the courses are free. You only need to pay a fee if you wish to avail of a certificate of completion.

I took a few courses from them last February 2016, including the aforementioned mindfulness course. I feel that it’s such a relevant topic nowadays; we’re so constantly wired that it’s become increasingly hard to differentiate priorities from distractions.




Mobile Food Photography – Who isn’t into food porn nowadays? 🙂 Social media has spawned this phenomenon, and we’re all happy disciples of it. Anyway, this is a great starter course from Tablecrafter for people who aren’t techie but would love to learn hacks that can improve the quality of their photos. If you see an improvement in my food photos, then you already know why. 😉




Recipe Binder Printables

From Alaina Ann – Basic and colorful. Comes with cover sheets, recipe pages, and a kitchen measurements sheet. Also comes with additional sheets for your longer recipes and for jotting down notes.

From Making it in the Mitten – Colorful and bit more ornate than Alaina Ann’s. Comes with cover sheets and recipe pages.



From IHeart Organizing – Floral and feminine cover sheets! Comes with a customizable template.

I use Alaina Ann’s recipe pages and IHeart Organizing’s cover sheets. 🙂


Health and Fitness Printables

From Fit Life Creative – A cool and comprehensive resource! The freebies include a Workout Schedule Sheet, Measurement Tracker, Medication Tracker, Medical Information Sheet, Weekly Menu and Shopping List, and Water Tracker.

I use her Goal and Rewards printable card.

From Just a Girl and Her Blog – Her Fitness Tracker has a built-in Meal and Water Tracker. 🙂

I use her tracker as a personal reminder to vary my workouts.



Travel Resources


Travel Tracker

From Travelosyo – This is a simple Google Sheets list of all the Philippine provinces and their capitals. Each of the 81 provinces comes hyperlinked with their Wiki descriptions. You can use the list to tick off the places you’ve already visited or you can just utilize it as a reference.


Airport WiFis

From Anil Polat (Business Insider) – Contains a regularly updated interactive map that reveals the free Wi-Fi passwords of dozens of airports around the world. Love it!



I am not affiliated with any of the above resources. Check out my recommended list of premium resources too.