What to Pack in a Survival Kit

Part of my personal emergency provisions. (And no, I’m not endorsing any particular product!). © IDEA CRIB _ IDEACRIB.NET
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My survival kit. @ Idea Crib | ideacrib.net
Part of my personal emergency provisions. (And no, I’m not endorsing any particular product!)


A string of earthquakes

Most parts of Luzon – including Metro Manila – were jolted by a 6.1 magnitude earthquake Monday afternoon. This was followed by a 6.5 magnitude earthquake in the Visayas province of Samar less than 24 hours later, and a 4.7 magnitude earthquake in Davao Oriental just this morning. Topics like survival kit provisions, disaster response and management, and the safeness of low-rise versus high-rise buildings are again being raised in light of these recent events.

While we may not be able to prevent acts of nature such as earthquakes, there are still a lot of things well within our control. These include adhering to building codes, taking note of evacuation centers nearest our place, learning basic CPR, and preparing a survival kit as precautionary measures.


Like health insurance

A survival kit is like health insurance. You don’t need it — until you do. Given that the next humongous earthquake (“The Big One”) is predicted to happen in our lifetime, it makes sense to have emergency provisions on hand just in case.

What should you pack in a survival kit? Everything you need to live, in a nutshell. Food in easy-to-open containers; bottled water; pet food for those with pets; toiletries like soap and wet wipes (plus sanitary pads for females); first aid items like alcohol, cotton balls, povidone iodine, and bandages; a change of clothing; any necessary medication; copies of important documents; a battery-operated flashlight; a battery-operated radio; and a gadget to receive and disseminate information. Aim to have at least three days’ worth of provisions.

Note that you’ll need to check your survival kit every now and then to replenish expired stocks. Yes, it’s a bit of work, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to keep one.

Keep safe!


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