Micellar Water is a Handy Beauty and Travel Product

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Micellar Water is a Handy Beauty and Travel Product


What is micellar water?

What do you do when you need to wash your face but no clean water is available? Use micellar water, that’s what. But what is micellar water?

Micellar water isn’t a toner nor a facial wash. La Roche-Posay says it’s “a skincare product that removes makeup and cleanses the skin, without the need for rinsing.” Think of it as a gentle and effective one-step cleanser.

It works because it contains micelles, which are tiny round balls of cleansing molecules that float in the water. When you apply the product to your skin, the cleansing agents come into contact with oil and dirt on your face, allowing them to be swept away. You use it by saturating a clean cotton pad and gently wiping it over your face including your closed eyes (don’t get it in your eyes).  You’re supposed to apply it before your toner and moisturizer.


What does it do exactly?

According to the blurbs, it

  • Removes makeup – dissolves makeup from the face, eyes, and lips in one gentle action, without rubbing or rinsing
  • Cleanses – delicately captures impurities
  • Purifies – removes excess sebum and mattifies oily, shiny skin

It’s also hypoallergenic and is said to have skin-caring vitamins.


Image from Pixabay user Silviarita: https://pixabay.com/en/girl-portrait-woman-young-face-3141766/ .
Skin luv.


Some of the products I’ve used and am using

Below is a micellar water product I’ve used in the past. The products I’m currently using are L’oreal’s micellar water for normal to combination sensitive skin and Nileeva’s micellar cleansing and makeup removing wipes – and I’m using them now for the simple reason that they’re the products I found on the shelves during my latest grocery trip. 🙂

Note that these are not endorsements and this post is not sponsored. I’m simply sharing the products I’ve tried.





Based on my observation,

  • It can take the place of your facial wash. It’s soapy water for your skin that you don’t need to wash off.
  • It can take the place of your makeup remover – but you will still need a separate makeup remover for makeup that’s too stubborn to remove (like waterproof mascara) with gentle swipes of a cotton pad.
  • It won’t take the place of your toner.


  • I will continue to use it as a makeup remover especially for when I’ve been out the whole day exposed to pollution. It really does feel like a refreshing way to remove all the gunk on your face after the end of a long day.
  • I will definitely bring this along when traveling, hiking, or going to places where no running water is easily available. Camping trip? Long-haul flight? Photo shoot? In the middle of nowhere? Micellar water’s great for such situations.


Other uses of micellar water

But wait. There’s more!

While Googling about this topic, I saw this Mixed Makeup vid that detailed some other practical uses of micellar water:





  1. Use it to double cleanse – Use it before your regular facial cleanser.
  2. Use it as a tool to fix makeup mistakes. – Soak a cotton bud with it and clean up where you need to.
  3. Use it to clean makeup brushes. – Make sure to dry your brushes after on the counter top – with the bristles off the counter top and the handles slightly tilting downwards – to prevent the glue holding the brush from breaking down. Got that additional tip from the comment section!
  4. Use it as a fragrance remover. – Soak a cotton pad with it and dab it where you sprayed the perfume.
  5. Use it to remove false lashes. – Soak a cotton pad with it and place it over your closed eye for 15-20 seconds to loosen up the adhesive.
  6. Use it as a post-workout refresher. – Makes sense. Will help unclog those pores.
  7. Use it to remove minor clothing stains. – Soak a cotton pad with it and blot it over the stains.


One more tip

Choose one that has no alcohol and is fragrance-free. That way there’s less chance of your skin reacting sensitively.


Micellar water used to be a well-kept secret available only in French pharmacies. It has since gained a following thanks to skincare enthusiasts and bloggers who wear by its effectiveness. I guess I’m in good company! 🙂

Have you tried using micellar water? How did you find it?



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Photo from Pixabay user Silviarita.

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