FemTech: The Intersection Between Women’s Health and Technology

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Ever heard of FemTech? A relatively new field in health technology, it’s the marriage between women’s health and technology. FemTech is any technology that addresses concerns related to women’s health.

Popular FemTech Solutions

Here are some of the more popular FemTech companies out there right now:

Clue – a menstrual tracking app. Their blurb: “Clue gives 10 million people each month insights into their reproductive health. We collaborate with leading universities to advance female health research, and deliver essential education about health, periods, and sex via helloclue.com.”

Trivia: Its founder and CEO, Ida Tin, was the one who coined the term “FemTech.”

MyFLO – probably one of the earliest FemTech solutions out there. I remember writing about it for Women’s Health Philippines a full five years ago! It’s described as a “functional medicine period tracker and hormone balancing app.” My impression is that their offering resonates especially for those who are into holistic or alternative medicine.

Yarlap – They sell a gadget that strengthens your pelvic floor. Sayonara urinary incontinence! “Yarlap® with AutoKegel® Technology provides women a gentle and effective Kegel workout… Yarlap® is FDA cleared to re-educate a woman’s pelvic floor muscles which may have lost tone from atrophy or strain.”

Elvie – Like Yarlap, they also sell a pelvic trainer. They tout their other product as “the world’s first silent wearable breast pump.” Their About page says they’re “bringing women’s technology out of the dark ages.”

Lia – The first flushable pregnancy test. “Over 99% accurate, 0% plastic, and 100% your business. Lia puts you in control in a way that’s discreet, sanitary, and flushable.” This is cool ‘coz 0% plastic means that it’s a more environment-friendly option.

Ava – As per their tagline, they’ve created a “cycle tracker for the 21st century.” Their About page elaborates further: “We built Ava because we believe that women deserve a more modern method of tracking their cycles and their health at every phase of life. They deserve accurate, reliable data about their fertility, about pregnancy, and how their cycle fits into the bigger picture of their health…” I believe their app is free but their bracelet is around $299.

Important FYI: I am not connected with any of these companies as of this writing. I’m just keenly interested in this field because it tackles two topics I’m passionate about: women’s health and prevention.

Not Meant to Replace Healthcare Professionals

Note that FemTech’s aim is not to eliminate the need of doctors and medical professionals. FemTech products and services are meant to be used as tools that enhance the effectiveness and delivery of health care. There is no replacing human connection.

The Future of Women’s Health?

It’s an industry that’s so relatively new everyone I asked in my network had never heard of it. If you have female loved ones though – or if you are a woman yourself – then it might benefit you to keep tabs on the innovations in this field.

My opinion is that FemTech is shaping up to be the future of women’s health. What do you think?

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  1. Hello Patricia,
    This is a great resource of information regarding the technology that can be used for women’s health. I totally agree with you that it does not replace a professional doctor. But it will surely keep track on all the maintenance of cycles , training program and even medicine tracker. I will surely share this information to my wife.

    1. Glad you found this post useful!

  2. The informative article you have shared with us. Thanks.

    1. You’re welcome.

  3. Great post on technology and women’s health this is something I am passioante about after working a couple years in biotech.

    1. Hi Lorenzo. Biotech and femtech are definitely fields to watch out for in the near future. Thanks for dropping by!

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