To be able to exercise regularly, you have to answer this one question

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To be able to exercise regularly, you have to answer this one question


To be able to exercise regularly, you have to answer this one question. I realized this when, years ago, a co-worker asked me why I worked out. “Why do you work out?,” she asked with a shrug and a super puzzled look on her face. It was like – for the life of her – she didn’t understand why someone would choose to spend an extra 15 minutes of the day to get his/her sweat on.

It was then that I realized it all boiled down to asking yourself one key question.



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Indeed, why subject myself to stuff like that? Haha.

Here’s the key question

Here’s the key question:

Why should I work out?


What’s in it for me? If I do exercise, what benefits do I get? Is it even worth my time to try? What beautiful things can happen if I do exercise?

Disappointed at the simplicity of this revelation? Don’t be. It may sound simple but it holds all the motivation you need to keep a regular exercise routine – or at least get back to it should you fall off the wagon (and trust me, life will make you fall off the wagon every once in a while).

It’s like working. People work because they need the money to pay for their living expenses and invest for the future. Some even opt to work abroad and not see their loved ones for months on end just to attain their cherished goals. It’s also like using whitening soaps. People use whitening soaps because they want to have fairer skin and look better. (A context for my non-Filipino readers: a lot of Filipinos find fair skin attractive.) Some will even resort to scrimping on other items in their budgets just so they can continue to reap the perceived benefits of using these products.

People will make adjustments and accept inconveniences so long as the reason behind their decisions is compelling enough.



What’s your why?

Each of us have different whys. My why is different from yours. Your why is different from your neighbor’s.


You have to find a deeply personal reason to exercise, a reason so compelling, it’ll motivate you to maintain the routine – give or take a few lapses.


As for me, my why can be summed up in two words: energy and prevention.

You see, exercising may be a tiring activitybut it ironically gives me more energy now than I ever had back when I was younger and not exercising. Needless to say, I like having the energy to do what I want occasionally. Exercising also has health benefits and helps minimize the risk of getting non-communicable diseases like diabetes. I figure I’d rather do the work now than suffer illnesses later on.


When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When you have a sports injury, do injury-friendly exercises like Russian Twists. Image by Idea Crib. Thanks to FIT Activewear for the running shorts. © IDEA CRIB I IDEACRIB.NET
Note: This is a throwback photo. When life gives you lemons, make malunggay lemonade. When you have a sports injury, do injury-friendly exercises like Russian Twists. Thanks to FIT Activewear for the running shorts.

What about you? Have you found your why yet? 🙂

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    Excellent and enlightening post. I enjoyed reading it with a cup of coffee.

    1. You’re welcome.

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