Healthy Grocery Store Finds in Metro Manila

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Healthy Grocery Store Finds in Metro Manila


I was thinking of what to write about today when I remembered my Grocery Finds album on Facebook. I thought, “Hey, why not write about healthy grocery store finds in Metro Manila?”



Here are my considerations for including the products I mentioned in this post:

  1. Healthy – Ideally.
  2. Yummy – Non-negotiable.
  3. Readily available in most groceries – Since people usually buy what’s convenient.
  4. Relatively inexpensive – Since budget is always a consideration.


Please take note that this is not a sponsored post. This is also just a partial list. I’ll update this post and add more products as I discover them.


Healthy grocery store finds in Metro Manila: a partial list


Suka Pinakurat


Suka Pinakurat. © IDEA CRIB _ IDEACRIB.NET
Makes grilled everything way better.


If you like sweet and spicy and you’re in the Philippines, you can’t go wrong with the sweet chili version of Pinakurat vinegar. Originally from Iligan City, it’s now sold in major supermarkets nationwide.

250 ml/ Php 51.40


Pascual Yogurt


Pascual Yogurt. © IDEA CRIB _ IDEACRIB.NET
This is a steal.


As far as I know, Pascual offers the most affordable yogurt variants in groceries. I was first drawn to this brand years ago when I realized they also carried Greek yogurt in their product line (take my word for it: Greek yogurt rocks!). Shown here is a promo for their Fruit Salad variant.

400 grams/ Php 49.00

Sari Roti Bread


More options for bread lovers, yay!


Okay, I admit: I picked it up from the shelf because of a celebrity endorsement! LOL. Sari Roti’s bread is softer and a bit tastier than most of the local brands available, though for the record I also like Walter’s Double Fiber Heart Protect wheat bread.

550 grams/ Php 72.00; 350 grams/ Php 55.00

Do you know of any other healthy grocery store finds in Metro Manila? This partial list of mine is sooo short. 🙂 Leave a comment below so I can road test the product and include it here!


Photo by Chan on Unsplash: .
Photo by Chan on Unsplash.


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4 Comment

  1. Karen Ching says: Reply

    I haven’t tried Pascual yogurt yet, but I think it wouldn’t hurt to try. Anyways, what I love the most in grocery shopping is the ready made cut fruits! They’re just so handy and in some grocery marts, they would even let you eat it while you’re shopping.

    1. Hi Karen. I love buying those fruit packs too! 🙂 Yup, do give Pascual yogurt a try. Thanks for dropping by!

  2. Erika Ann says: Reply

    I wish you had more on this list! Us Filipinos love eating unhealthy foods that are undeniably and delicious that is worth the guilt. It is so hard to look for healthy stuff in the local groceries and markets. Going on a diet is more expensive than not caring about what you eat at all. I hope you do another article on this!

    1. Hi Erika! I’m definitely going to add more to this list! I’ll either update this post early next year or do a part two. I agree that shopping for healthy food items in local groceries is tricky. Do share any products you think I should try and add to this list. Thanks a lot!

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