Inspiring Health and Fitness Instagram Accounts to Follow

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Inspiring Health and Fitness Instagram Accounts to Follow


I love Instagram. It’s not as limiting as Twitter, nor is it as overwhelming as Facebook. I consider Instagram posts as tiny snippets of fun and inspiration. For those of you new to the platform, here’s a list of some inspiring health and fitness Instagram accounts you might want to consider following.


Food, Food, Glorious Food



The Big Man’s World – Arman’s vegan recipes are what I hope all desserts to be: healthy and yummy. Wanna know how to make homemade Snickers? How about a 3-ingredient fudge minus the dairy, refined sugar, and butter? He has the recipes for those!

Market Man – I’ve been recommending his food blog, Market Manila, since forever (okay, since 2010), so I was happy to chance upon his IG account a few months ago. His feed is more travel than food, though it does offers tips on the best local cuisines to sample when traveling.

Sabrina’s Kitchen – Sabrina Artadi is a former beauty queen and food enthusiast who shares easy and healthy gourmet recipes on her IG and Facebook accounts. What I love is that all her recipes incorporate ingredients that are easy to source locally.


Fitness is Tough and Fun


BUILD THE BELIEF. This #ProjectRock @UnderArmour #ChaseGreatness campaign is history making. It’s the first @underarmour campaign that was created by our own @SevenBucksCR – a new breed of creative company built from our Seven Bucks Enterprise. If watching this makes you FEEL certain emotions (I’ll keep it appropriate;), it’s because it’s 100% authentic and disruptive. This isn’t a made up Hollywood set. This is my real gym. A hardcore haven where there are no mirrors. These are my chains and my sweat. And these are my eyes telling you that regardless of any success I’ve been lucky enough to achieve, I still operate every day as if my back’s up against the f*cking wall and the only way out is to be the hardest worker in the room. This is my story. I build my belief daily, and now my mission is to help you build yours. Congratulations to our brilliant and hungry @SevenBucksCR team for an outstanding campaign. #BuildTheBelief #ProjectRock #UnderArmour #ChaseGreatnessCollection LINK TO SHOP IN MY BIO

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Chriss Mogg of Living Moving Being Fitness – 200HR yoga teacher Chriss Mogg shares a lot of quick – but not easy! – home exercise routines in her feed. They’re the type that are tougher than they look, haha. She’s been sharing lots of tips on how to do handstands lately as well, so if you enjoy yoga, you might want to check out her feed and YouTube channel.

Maxine Hupy – After trying out several of the ballet-inspired workouts of Mary Helen Bowers’s Ballet Beautiful, I came to the realization that ballerinas are athletes. Make no mistakes about this: their routines are really hard. That’s probably why they have the strongest and most graceful bodies too. One of the more famous ballerinas I follow in the Instagram world is Maxine Hupy. Her beautifully toned physique is testament to the fact that indeed, “Big results require big ambitions!”

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson – You know what’s amazing about The Rock? He still works every day “as if my back’s up against the f*cking wall and the only way out is to be the hardest worker in the room.” This, despite his spectacular worldwide success in the fitness and movie industries. Gotta love that!!


Here’s What Beating the Odds Looks Like


The next time somebody tells me that people with ostomies can’t do something, I’ll just respond with these pictures. Today, I went canyoneering (a fancy way of saying repelling down a cliff) ostomy bag and all ! Everyone got to choose one adventure for our trip, and so I chose canyoneering- ever since getting diagnosed with all sorts of medical craziness, tall places don’t really scare me any more ! I was nervous that Olly would complicate things, especially with a harness involved, but thanks to my Stealth Belt (@stealthbelt) everything went without a hitch. My whole family had a blast and faced some fears, and the whole experience reminded me that even though I may have some additional precautions, I’m not going to let a diagnosis stop me from living life to the fullest. And yes, that’s me in the bottom right picture even though it looks like an ant !

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MollyOllyOstomy – Molly is a twenty-something American who loves life and lives it to the fullest. What’s inspiring about her is that she does it while living with an ostomy and battling diseases like OTS, Dysautonomia, gHSD, and Raynaud’s. She shows that having an illness or two shouldn’t stop you from living your life.

Paola Antonini – Paola Antonini can pass off as a catwalk model, no problem, except that she has a glittery gold stump instead of a left leg. Like Molly, that tiny detail doesn’t stop her from exercising, traveling, and living a good life in general. Like Molly, this Össur brand ambassador says that, “…we can never let our “limitations” stop us. Let us increasingly go after the difficult, the impossible, the unexpected… so that every day more new difficulties are overcome!

Laura Browning Grant of Laura B. Pilates – Laura’s feed nowadays is dedicated to her husband, Jonny Grant. A former Navy SEAL and combat medic instructor, he figured in a terrible car accident last year and is still suffering the effects of severe brain injury. Laura’s dedication to helping him get back to his feet is a testament to the power of committed love. Jonny is still so weak; even an eye flutter or a shoulder flinch is already a cause for celebration for his loved ones. His and Laura’s will to overcome also makes you realize that we often take our bodies for granted until something horrible happens to it. 😐


My Former Wellness Blogger Group



I used to belong to an Instagram group composed of wellness bloggers and vloggers, but have since left because I found myself too busy to interact with the group regularly. You might want to give them a follow. Their posts are all positive vibes flavored with life’s realities: Gabriele Amber of Namaste Fit & Fab, health coach Lynsey Jordan, chronic illness fighter Victoria, recipe developer Kristina Coughlin, Tone It Up brand ambassador Ashley, fitness instructor Julia, scientist and personal trainer Kim Castelli, and mindset and success coach Olivia Morrow.


My Well-thy Pinoy Profile Features


Idea Crib’s Well-thy Pinoy Profiles series aims to inspire individuals to lead healthy and active lifestyles. 🏃🍊💃 2016’s featured profiles include Arthane Carlo Sicat (@carlokohan), Noelle De Guzman (@kikayrunner), Markanthony Sy (@mackymee), Rima Onofre-Castillo (@rimavilla), and Michaella Recto (@healthandbodybymichaella). Read more about them at! Just type “Well-thy Pinoy Profiles 2016” at the search bar. 📱Watch the full vid above at ☺ . . Visit for wellness, food, and outdoor adventure stories. . . #healthiswealth #fitspo #fitnessmotivation #fitnessfun #fitnessgoal #fitnesstips #fitnessjourney #fitnessblog #fitnessgram #fitnessmode #fitnessforall #movebetter #WellthyPinoyProfiles #Philihappy #LiveBetter #LiveActive #BeFullyInForm #getfitPH #fitnessPH #ShapePH #PinoyFitness #MovePH #TakboPH #YogaPH #yogaMNL

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Last but not the least, I follow the health and fitness Instagram accounts of the individuals I featured in this blog‘s Well-thy Pinoy Profile Series. Healthy and happy Pinoys for the win! Check out the stories of endurance athlete Carlo Sicat, engagement manager Markanthony Sy, beauty and running blogger Noelle De Guzman, entrepreneur Rima Onofre-Castillo (note: her IG is now private), marketing director Michaella Recto, Pinoy Fitness founder Jeff Lo, yoga teacher Nica Hechanova-de Erquiaga, travel and fitness blogger KT Mina, and fashion designer Michele Sison.


Did you discover any new accounts whilst browsing through this list? What are your favorite health and fitness Instagram accounts to follow?


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