Celebrating Life Through Wellness at BDJ’s Women In Action Event

From Belle De Jour's Women In Action event. Photo from Belle De Jour.
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Celebrating Life Through Wellness at BDJ’s Women In Action Event


A talk for Filipina millennials on overall wellness

I was invited to give a talk on overall wellness at Belle De Jour Power Planner‘s Women In Action event last Saturday, and I was glad that I accepted it. The second BDJ Rendezvous of the year, Women In Action was an afternoon learning session aimed at imparting lifestyle, career, fashion, and beauty insights for the BDJ Bella community. The semiannual sessions are part of the company’s advocacy of women empowerment.

My talk last Saturday was based on the following talking points:

  • Celebrating life through wellness
  • Working out long-term as a form of self-love
  • Sustaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle

I kept my slides straightforward and succinct, though I didn’t know how the Bellas would respond to my talk. Based on my experience, you see, some folks find the topics of wellness and preventive healthcare boring. Thus, I was pleasantly surprised when I realized that the audience was very engaged. They sat attentively, asked relevant questions, and even quoted me on social media afterwards. 🙂 It made me super happy that I was able to inspire that day.


Giving a talk on wellness at the BDJ Women In Action event. Photo credit: Karen Alejano Acut.
Photo credit: Karen Alejano Acut.


Explaining how I came up with my blog's tagline, "Live healthy. Celebrate life." Photo credit: Beatrix Sy.
Photo credit: Beatrix Sy.


How can moms keep fit after a C-section?

There was one question from the audience that really stumped me, however, and it was this one:

“How can moms keep fit after having a C-section? I don’t want to risk hurting myself, but I also don’t know if I’m allowed to do all types of exercises. All OB-GYNs ever say is, “Just don’t overexert yourself,” and that’s vague and not helpful at all.”

I didn’t know what to answer specifically because 1) I’m not a post-cesarean section mom, and 2) as a nurse and wellness enthusiast, I am well aware that a pregnancy is a major physiological event in a woman’s body, so I couldn’t really just give a one-size-fits-all piece of advice. I believe that the Bella who asked the question can achieve the fitness level she wants to achieve. The tricky part is finding and following a role model who’s been through what she has.

Which is why I want to ask my readers a favor: if you know of any fit mama – specifically any Filipino fit mama – who has been able to keep fit post-cesarean section and who is willing to be featured in this blog, do message their contact details on Idea Crib’s Facebook page so I can interview them. I am very interested to glean insights about this topic too. 🙂 Thank you so much!!



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Photos from Belle De Jour Power Planner, Karen Alejano Acut, and Beatrix Sy.

I was invited as a guest speaker for BDJ’s Women In Action event, but this was not a sponsored collaboration. The other guest speakers were Nicole Sanchez (calligraphy), Gorvachev Bernardo (photography), and Carla Piscoso (Fusion Fitness).

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