Optimizing Your Life with DNA-Crafted Nutrition

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I’ve started to become more interested in supplements lately, especially since reading an article by Harvard Health stating that supplements may be able to plug dietary gaps. So when the idea of DNA-crafted nutrition was mentioned to me last year, I was intrigued. Does our DNA hold the secret to a perfect and healthy lifestyle? Read on.



Optimizing One’s Life with DNA-Crafted Nutrition

by Cyril Moukarzel


When you’re serious about your health and fitness, you do a lot of research.

What’s the best workout? Why is everyone so obsessed with this new diet? Should I drink more coffee, or quit caffeine altogether?

But what if the answers you needed were hiding inside you all along?

A growing body of research has proven the relationship between our DNA and the lifestyle choices that work best for us.

In fact, your DNA can unlock the exact nutritional and exercise secrets you need to live your very best life, no matter what new diets and workouts your friends are trying (and failing).


Why Popular Diets and Workout Routines Don’t Work for Everyone

There are always new diets to try out. There are always innovative workouts being recommended by the people who look the way you want to look.

But for some reason, even when you follow their recommendation exactly, you still end up with disappointing results.

Or maybe you manage to stick with it, but it’s difficult and tiresome.

The reason is simple:

You are not the same as everyone else.

Your DNA is unique, and because of that, your body reacts differently to nutrition and exercise.


How DNA Can Give You the Exact Nutrition You Need

When researchers examine DNA, they look for SNPs, or “snips.”

These SNPs are small sections of DNA that can be tied to particular effects in humans. For example, one SNP might tell us if you’re sensitive to caffeine. Another SNP might reveal that you need more Vitamin A than most people.

But it goes even deeper..

SNPs can also show us your risk for certain diseases, such as cancer or heart disease. You can also find out if you’re predisposed to gaining excess weight, or what kind of exercise will be most effective for you.

No more guessing. No more trying out new diets or workouts.

This is the future for health and fitness. This is how you’ll be able to optimize your whole life: DNA can unlock the secrets to a perfect daily routine.


On Generic Nutritional Supplements and Diets

If you’re already using supplements and following a rigid diet, you probably feel like you’re doing a lot of work to live the perfect lifestyle.

But a question you might want to ask is this: if you’re missing out on key nutrients, how would you know?

We usually have no idea about a vitamin or mineral deficiency until it becomes so severe that we have to rush to the doctor (or the hospital).

Plus, you might be able to live an easier life with certain extracts to help you tackle your DNA’s unique problems and challenges.

This is why it’s important and useful to know your genetic makeup.


Author Bio

Cyril Moukarzel is the CEO and Co-Founder of LifeDNA. He’s passionate about health and fitness, and is always looking for new, scientifically proven ways to optimize people’s minds and bodies. You can contact him at LifeDNA.com.



P.S. This guest post is not an endorsement and is purely for informational purposes only. The thought of customized supplements sounds awesomesauce, but if you’re considering taking any type of supplement, I highly suggest conducting your own research as well as consulting healthcare professionals you trust. At the end of the day, I say, DO WHAT YOU THINK IS BEST FOR YOU.

P.P.S. The Harvard Health article I quoted earlier also says nutrients from food are still most important. If you do decide to take supplements, complement your intake with a healthy diet and lifestyle. 👍


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