Well-thy Pinoy Profiles 2017

Well-thy Pinoy Profiles 2017. © IDEA CRIB I IDEACRIB.NET
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Well-thy Pinoy Profiles 2017


Start your new year with a healthy dose of fitspiration. 🙂 I created this Well-thy Pinoy Profiles blog series in 2016 with the aim of inspiring more individuals to take care of themselves by taking care of their health and their bodies. Through interviews with well-thy Pinoys, I share insights on fitness motivations as well as tips on how to successfully maintain healthy and active lifestyles.

Grab the Well-thy Pinoy Profiles 2017 PDF compilation below and send it to those who you think might benefit from it. Wanna be healthier this year? It’s completely possible!


I wish you a fruitful and happy 2018,



Well-thy Pinoy Profiles 2017 Free PDF


Well-thy Pinoy Profiles 2017. © IDEA CRIB I IDEACRIB.NET
Well-thy Pinoy Profiles 2017


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Thanks a lot to Jeff Lo, Nica Hechanova-de Erquiaga, and Karla Thea for the interviews and photos.

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