Well-thy Pinoy Profiles: Get to Know Karla Thea

Well-thy Pinoy Profiles: Get to Know Karla Thea. Photo from Karla Thea.
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Idea Crib’s Well-thy Pinoy Profiles is a blog series that features healthy and happy Pinoys. The ultimate aim of the series is to inspire more individuals to take care of themselves by taking care of their health and their bodies.


Well-thy Pinoy Profiles: Get to Know Karla Thea


Occupation Internet entrepreneur

Hobbies Traveling, yoga, writing, photography, video editing, and trading cryptos

Public social media profiles Facebook: Pinay Nomad; IG: @pinaynomad; Twitter: @pinaynomad; Steemit: @pinaynomad




Well-thy Pinoy Profiles: Get to Know Karla Thea. Photo from Karla Thea.
Well-thy Pinoy Profiles: Get to Know Karla Thea. Photo from Karla Thea.


When did you decide to live healthy?


What sparked your fitness journey? Was it because of a weight loss concern? If yes, what was your beginning weight and/or measurements and what is your current weight and/or measurement now?


My fitness journey was sparked when I joined mixed martial arts back in 2010. I initially joined Sir Henry Kobayashi’s Yaw-Yan team for self-defense. I then got hooked and did Muay Thai training in Koh Samui, Thailand. I was neither fat nor thin; my body was toned already when I became a health freak because I was always on the go. I walk a lot. I like being active.


How do you stay healthy?


If your fitness journey was sparked by a weight loss concern, how long did it take for your weight loss transformation? What physical activities did you do then? What is your favorite fitness activity now?


I’ve been eating healthy since I was a kid because my mom is Ilocano. We eat a lot of veggies like Pinakbet, Balatong (a soup made primarily of monggo, or mung beans), and heaps of fishes. Although I grew up in Manila, we still eat organic because we have access to fresh ingredients since my grandparents used to visit us a lot and they bring bayongs (baskets) of veggies.

I eat junk food on weekends like potato chips and pizza because it’s my comfort food. I was never a fan of sodas because it makes me feel bloated. Plus, I burp a lot when I drink it. LOL! I’d drink it sometimes though if I had no choice. Then I’d to work out the next day ‘coz I would feel guilty.

The physical activities I used to do a lot was MMA – including Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – but last year I stopped and fell in love with yoga. Now I’m doing Bikram or hot yoga, Ashtanga, Vinsaya and yogilates. I also have a plan to study at least 3 months of yoga in Thailand or India and get a certificate so I can teach worldwide. That’s my plan next year. 🙂


How has your eating habits changed?


What are some of your diet staples? What are your favorite indulgences/ cheat meal treats?


I do Intermittent Fasting; it’s not actually a diet but an eating pattern. I’ve been doing it on and off since last year, but last month I’ve been doing it religiously: 16 hours of fasting and an 8-hour eating window. I see a lot of improvement on my health so I plan to do it for good. Also, I eat macronutrients like 50% protein, 35% carbs, and 15% fat. I don’t count my calories intake, but I watch what I eat.

I cheat on weekends. Sometimes I eat pizza, nachos, and chocolates. But I try to eat in small portions because I’d feel guilty. It’s already built-in in my system. There are times when my body would reject junk food and I would get sick and poop a lot. Okay, TMI. LOL!


Why do you keep healthy?


What do you do now to maintain your health and fitness level? What keeps you going? Who or what is your inspiration?


I walk a lot, dance (when I’m home alone), do yoga, and eat healthy. My inspiration is my boyfriend. We have a #couplegoal and I stick to it because I want us to be healthy and fit. I want to live long and grow old with him.


In your opinion, what’s the one thing people can do to kick-start their journey to wellness?


What piece of advice can you give someone who wants to be healthy but is unsure of how to begin?


Write your fitness goals in paper and stick it on your bedroom wall or take a photo of it and make it your laptop’s wallpaper. Whenever you see it, you will be motivated to hit your goal. If you’re 100% committed, you will do good in no time. Trust me, hard work is everything.


“Write down your fitness goals and stick it where you can see it often.” – @pinaynomad Click To Tweet


First off, I think Karla’s #couplegoal is super sweet! Second of all, I love the idea of writing your fitness goals in a paper and sticking it in a place where you can see it regularly. I do something similar and it really does work. 🙂 Thanks for this interview, KT! What can you say about KT’s journey to fitness and wellness? Who else can I feature in this series? I’d love to hear your comments below.


Stay tuned for the next Well-thy Pinoy Profiles feature!


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Photo from Karla Thea.

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