Moments of Kindness (A Sports Injury Update)

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When you have a sports injury, do injury-friendly exercises like Russian Twists. Image by Idea Crib. Thanks to FIT Activewear for the running shorts. © IDEA CRIB I IDEACRIB.NET
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Moments of Kindness (A Sports Injury Update)


An inconvenient pain


As promised, here’s a sports injury update on the foot fracture I incurred earlier this year. I’m not gonna lie. This foot fracture of mine is killing me. Not literally, but it’s definitely put a damper on my mobility. I’ve had to decline at least three invites to fitness events and two parties because of it. It’s also made walking around the mall with my medical walking boot awkward.

My fracture used to be a literal pain; now it’s just an inconvenient one. My doctor says it’s already healed but that the callus (or the formation that’s eventually going to grow into a new bone) is not strong enough to walk on yet, hence my continued dependence on my boot. My next visit to the orthopedic surgeon is tomorrow, and I’m hoping for good news. My latest x-ray seems to show that the broken parts of my bone have already fused, though of course I won’t know for sure until my consult.

The long and short of it is I wanna be out of my Aircast boot before my birthday next week. Super psyched for that! Wish me luck. *Crossing fingers.*



Moments of kindness


For now, however, I still have to manage with my medical walking boot. It gives sufficient support but it’s also pretty weird-looking. Like I mentioned in my previous post, its appearance is very RoboCop feels. Its sheer bulkiness is just hard to ignore. Most people are used to seeing plaster casts and not medical walking boots, so awareness about them is still pretty low. I’ve been on the receiving end of looks that range from pity to puzzlement, although 99% of the time strangers are polite enough to just glance and not stare. There are also those kind souls who offer to let me go first in line when I’m at the counter or something – like that stranger from 7-11 Northgate last Monday! – and I’m really grateful for those tiny yet significant acts of kindness. 🙂


More foot injury-friendly workouts


So how do I keep my spirits up? (And make no mistake about it: it is tough to keep your spirits up if you’re injured.) Well, I manage to do it partly by sticking to my routine. I’ve compiled a list of foot injury-friendly workouts on YouTube over the previous months, and they’ve proven to be a godsend. Thank you to all these fitness gurus and enthusiasts who’ve thoughtfully created these safe exercises for injured individuals like myself!

My favorite ones are from Caroline Jordan. The easiest routines are the ones from HASFit. Some of them, like the yoga routine by Lara Falberg, are not beginner-friendly. Just do what you can, modify if you must, and skip any move that you think might cause you harm.



I need to mention this: listen to your body and skip exercises that you feel might be harmful for you. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Do consult a trusted health professional if you have a medical and/or health concern.


Words of encouragement

I take comfort in individuals who have gone through similar bone injuries as well. This is so not a walk in the park, but – if you’re going through what I’m going through – all I can say is hang in there. A setback is not a sentence. We will overcome!



July 22, 2017 update: Exciting news! My doctor says I can now walk sans my boot, YAY! The only caveat is that I still can’t do strenuous activities for at least a year from the time I incurred my fracture. I promise to be a very good patient and forgo surfing, hiking, and trying out other outdoorsy stuff for now. I hope to bounce back better than I was before. 🙂


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