Why fitness isn’t just about vanity

"Stretching in the light" by Brandon Pereira. Image from https://unsplash.com/collections/956305/dance?photo=u9XQSrI5pvE .
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Why fitness isn’t just about vanity


A response

This is my response to a post I read last month about fitness, spirituality, and taking the time to work out. The author says that she always gets compliments about her slim figure and that her friends keep asking her her secret for “staying sexy.” The author also says that she’s perpetually mystified by these remarks and that part of her reply is an eye roll plus a, “What? With all the things I have to do I have absolutely no time for gym or Zumba or whatnot!”

My response in a nutshell is: fitting in fitness isn’t just about vanity. Let me explain a bit more:


“You’re so sexy!”

When people say, “You’re so sexy! How did you do it?,” what they actually mean is, “You look great! Please share some tips on how to look as great too.” Frankly, everyone wants to look great. Even the most non-vain person you can think of has this need. Looking great – and knowing that you do! – equals feeling great and being able to put your best foot forward. Looking great equals banishing the insecurities that hit each and every one of us every now and then. Who doesn’t want those?


Taking care of yourself is a worthy investment

Also, why shouldn’t you take care of yourself? If you invest in the best schools for your kids, quality food for your dogs, expensive software for your laptop, and the most qualified mechanics for your cars, then why shouldn’t you also invest in resources that’ll help you be the best version of yourself? This includes eating right and taking the time to move. You’ll need to invest several minutes of your day plus considerable moolah for that, sure, but think of the benefits (more energy, better sleep, reduced risk for illnesses, etc. etc.) you get in return.


"Stretching in the light" by Brandon Pereira. Image from https://unsplash.com/collections/956305/dance?photo=u9XQSrI5pvE .
“Stretching in the light” by Brandon Pereira.


Fitness isn’t superficial

Fitting in fitness in your lifestyle might seem superficial on the surface, but it actually isn’t. It’s a means to an end. Man is both body and soul. You need to take care of the former too. When you’re not healthy and relatively fit, you’ll have a tough time fulfilling all your life roles. Life will throw you so many curveballs. Sans health, you’re going to have an even tougher time overcoming them. So yeah, when you see someone making an effort to work out, realize that the commitment to do so is a personal affirmation. The person is basically saying a resounding YES to leading a life of energy, happiness, and purpose.


When you're not healthy and relatively fit, you'll have a tough time fulfilling all your life roles. Click To Tweet


In fairness to the aforementioned post’s author, she did also say that “..being “slim” and “sexy” is not my goal, but rather an incidental reward” and that “Being healthy keeps me free to serve. If I were sickly I would just be focused on my ill health, spend time and resources on recovering my health, (and have) no more energy or time for my work of service.”


What are your thoughts about this? I’d like to hear them.


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