Well-thy Pinoy Profiles: Get to Know Jeff Lo

Pinoy Fitness founder Jeff Lo. Photo from Jeff Lo.
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Idea Crib’s Well-thy Pinoy Profiles is a blog series that features healthy and happy Pinoys. The ultimate aim of the series is to inspire more individuals to take care of themselves by taking care of their health and their bodies.


Well-thy Pinoy Profiles: Get to Know Jeff Lo


Occupation Entrepreneur

Hobbies Running, Surfing, and Photography

Public social media profiles IG @pinoyfitness; @iamjefflo




Pinoy Fitness founder and entrepreneur Jeff Lo. Photo from Jeff Lo.
Pinoy Fitness founder and entrepreneur Jeff Lo. Photo from Jeff Lo.


When did you decide to live healthy?


What sparked your fitness journey? Was it because of a weight loss concern? If yes, what was your beginning weight and/ or measurements and what is your current weight and/or measurement now?


It’s been years, way back in 2001. I knew little about fitness those days. As a geeky Computer Science major, I felt weak and unhealthy so I decided to start going to the gym.

It was only in 2009 that I discovered running; it became the “in” thing that time so my friends and I tried it. It was hard at first, but the moment my body started to adapt to the sport, I realized how running improved – and continues to improve – my endurance and my fitness.


How do you stay healthy?


If your fitness journey was sparked by a weight loss concern, how long did it take for your weight loss transformation? What physical activities did you do then? What is your favorite fitness activity now?


It was never a weight concern, but more of the feeling of being fit and healthy. I love the feeling of being able to run a marathon or hike a mountain. So I make sure to constantly run and work out so that I can enjoy outdoor activities more.


How has your eating habits changed?


What are some of your diet staples? What are your favorite indulgences/ cheat meal treats?


I always thought that I can eat anything as long as I work out or run, but a few years ago I realized that it’s not the right way to go about fitness.

After working together with different coaches, I finally realized that living a healthy lifestyle also includes eating “healthier” food.

I don’t really have any particular diet plan, but I started to cut down on fast food and reduced my sweet intake (like sodas). I’ve also added in more protein to my daily diet. I don’t really eat veggies, but I’m considering to add that to my diet too.

For cheat meals/treats, I still indulge in a can of Coke Regular and a bar of chocolate once in a while.


Why do you keep healthy?


What do you do now to maintain your health and fitness level? What keeps you going? Who or what is your inspiration?


In general, I like the feeling of being healthy and fit. The idea of being able to join a running race, or explore the mountains on my own two feet. I can walk all day when I travel abroad.

“Being & feeling healthy simply allows you to experience more of life.” – PF founder Jeff Lo Click To Tweet

In your opinion, what’s the one thing people can do to kick-start their journey to wellness?


What piece of advice can you give someone who wants to be healthy but is unsure of how to begin?


First, commit to the change. The journey to wellness means that you will have to change some of the things you are accustomed to. Change the food that you eat, exercise, and quit bad habits. This will not happen if you’re not committed.

Think long-term: imagine yourself 1-2 year from now, imagine what you want to happen, and stick to that goal. Normally, you will need to sacrifice more at the beginning as you adapt to the new lifestyle, but once you achieve your goal, it’s gonna be easier to maintain it that way.


I totally agree to this: “Being and feeling healthy simply allows you to experience more of life.” Thanks for this interview, Jeff! What can you say about Jeff’s journey to fitness and wellness? Who else can I feature in this series? I’d love to hear your comments below.


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Photo from Jeff Lo.

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