Shots of inspiration to enjoy throughout the year

Wild Imagination. From Seth Dunlap of Death to the Stock Photo:
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Shots of inspiration to enjoy throughout the year

An emergency inspiration link stash


This post is inspired by Death to the Stock Photo’s Emergency Link Stash. That link stash is a running document of their favorite art, music, etc. It’s meant to provide inspiration for when one’s supply is running low. I thought of creating a similar curated list for Idea Crib ‘coz it’s a cool and useful creative exercise. Some of the stuff here are awe-inspiring; the rest might seem simplistic. Consider the latter as jumping-off points to more ambitious endeavors. 🙂 I’m sharing this list so you can draw inspiration from it too.


For when you’re daydreaming. For when you’re hustling. For when you’re in a rut. For when you’re down in the dumps. For when you’re pushing through life’s plateaus. For when you need a healthy dose of inspiration, wellness-related or otherwise.





Road tripping

Wild Imagination. From Seth Dunlap of Death to the Stock Photo:
From Death to the Stock Photo.


Specks of dust



“Pasay Beach, Manila” by Fabian dela Rosa

Console mates


Style is timeless.



Puttering about in the kitchen












Have you met Rumi?



Exercise endorphins are real.

Stretching is great.

You are worth it!


What inspires you? How do you get out of a rut?


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  1. Thank you for sharing the link to my post, Patricia!

    1. You’re welcome! I love that post of yours. It’s very relevant. Politics is also a divisive topic in the Philippines right now.

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