A hiccup is a pause.

Restore. Image from Katy Belcher: https://unsplash.com/collections/296146/pause?photo=uVX0tmFdNEg
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A hiccup is a pause


Once upon a time, there was a nerd who decided to work out on a regular schedule (her previous one being a bit less regimented). She Googled and found this cool January fitness challenge by SELF and decided to give it a go. Happy by the progress she was making, she pledged to maintain the schedule, albeit with a few modifications.

Things were moving along just fine until one fateful day when she was beset by a carmaggedon. That monstrosity of a traffic snarl was so bad it drained her life force. Trying to remain faithful to her cause, she decided to work out the following day still.

It turned out to be a bad choice. Exhausted from the previous day, she ended up with what she thought was a sprain but what turned out to be a foot fracture. Fretting at this unexpected turn of events, she mulled at some of the stuff she couldn’t do: going on a medical mission, opting to join a surfing trip, signing up for a fun run.. All of these plus more (heck, she couldn’t even walk without a limp!) were out of the question.


Workout tracker.
The nerd’s personal workout tracker.


Hobbling her way into recovery, however, she eventually realized that this hiccup is a pause. A hiccup is a pause. Injuries suck, but they also give rise to latent opportunities: reading more, writing more, reflecting more. Very few people would willingly pray for discomfort, but having some degree of it allows you time to reflect and appreciate the things that you do have.

Having a degree of brokenness is human. After all, who has never been broken at some point in their life, in either the physical or emotional sense?



Since it’s Holy Week, I thought of venturing into a reflective post. I wanna end with this wonderful reflection from Elephant Journal’s Julie JC Peters: “The diamond is whole and complete and BECAUSE it’s fractured, it creates more diverse beauty. Its form is a spectrum of whirling color.” The contributor further writes, “That means that this feeling of confusion and brokenness that every human has felt at some time or another in our lives is a source of beauty and colour and new reflections and possibilities.”

Have a great Easter weekend! See you in two weeks.


Restore. Image from Katy Belcher: https://unsplash.com/collections/296146/pause?photo=uVX0tmFdNEg
Restore. Image from Katy Belcher.


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Quote from Elephant Journal. The SELF challenge can be found here. Author Michael Hyatt mentions the blessing of discomfort here.

Image from Katy Belcher.

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