Exercising is a nod to life

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Exercising is a nod to life


This is just a short essay to wind down 2016. 🙂

Got an epiphany earlier this month. A setback was making me glum, but I still forced myself to continue my weekly exercise routine despite the cloud hanging over my head. (For the record, I do at least two sessions each of cardio and strength training per week.)

I’m super glad I decided to do that. You see, whenever I work out, I feel that I’m taking action and working on the things that I can control. Saying yes to fitness and wellness means that you’re choosing self-care over neglect. Heck, it means that you’re consciously choosing life over death.

Think that’s over-the-top? Well, not really. I mean, if you think about it, have you ever met someone’s who’s given up on life who still exercises? I’m betting that you haven’t, and that’s exactly what I mean. 🙂 Exercising is a nod to life. Why do something that makes you feel good about life if you’ve already given up on it? Exercising just doesn’t make you look good. That’s the gradual side effect. Exercising also makes you feel good. Trust me: the mood-boosting benefit is instant!

I am so far away from figuring everything out yet, but I know one thing for sure: working on yourself consistently – and this includes taking care of the temple that is your body – is one sure way to progress, contentment, and purpose.

I wish you a warm and happy Christmas full of your favorite people, food, and experiences!! See you next year!


Food, fitness, and dogs!! © IDEA CRIB - IDEACRIB.NET
Food, fitness, and dogs!! 


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  1. Dennis says: Reply

    Working on oneself consistently really does result in a happier and healthier you. 🙂

    I also just started to include exercise in my early morning ritual to improve myself physically, mentally and emotionally. It’s a constant struggle! 🙂
    Dennis recently posted…Outsourcing Ritual GoalsMy Profile

    1. True. I discovered that scheduling your workouts makes it easier to accomplish them. 🙂 Thanks for dropping by, Dennis!

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