Easy Exercises for the Office (Part Two)

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash.
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Easy Exercises for the Office (Part Two)


Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash.
Glued to your desk? Here are some easy exercises for the office. Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash.


Humans were meant to move and not sit on chairs all day. I am convinced of that. I am also convinced that a lot of the bodily aches and pains most desk warriors experience is due to long stretches of non-activity. Here are some simple and effective desk job exercises that will hopefully help all of us become less sedentary. 🙂 None of these will require you a lot of effort. Neither do they take more than 3 minutes (except for the last one which is around 20 minutes). All of these can easily be done in an office area.


From Runner’s World:


Office Workout Routine

“Get out of your desk chair and into an exercise routine. These stretching and strength moves should be done in sequence. They include: leg swings, hip circles, push ups, and prisoner squats.”



From Shapeshifter Media:


Cure Yourself of the Officer Worker’s Hunch

If sitting on a chair has given you a sort of forward hunch posture, try this movement that opens up the mid-back. According to body weight exercise specialist Ryan Murdock, sometimes immobility in the mid-back manifests as pain in the neck and lower back. If you have that sort of pain, see if this movement helps ease it!



Fix Your Desk Jockey Hunch

Arm pain, shoulder pain, lower back pain… these are sometimes caused by hunching which is the usual default posture of desk warriors like us. How do we combat this? Mr. Murdock shows us how.



From Denise Austin:


An Abs Office Workout

This quick routine from expert trainer Denise Austin will engage your core, stretch your back, and improve your circulation without even leaving your desk.



From Bustle:


An Office Stretch Routine

“MindFresh shows us key stretches that relieve aches and pains from typing, texting, and Instagram scrolling.”


Challenge: Do at least one of these workouts at the office daily!


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The first part of this series can be found here. By the way, if you have any medical concerns, please do get yourself cleared by your doctor first before doing any of the above exercises.

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Andrew Neel

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