Where to Spin in Manila

Spinning 101 at Elorde Plus.
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Where to Spin in Manila


I got a free Spinning class voucher last week, so of course I used it. 🙂 All I knew about it was that it was indoor cycling with a twist, so I was curious to learn more. Here’s what I learned from trusty old Google as well as my personal session:


What is Spinning?


As per Nicole Nichols of SparkPeople, Spinning is a specific format of indoor cycling. It’s a cardio workout set to music and lasts between 40 to 60 minutes. Only certified Spinning instructors are allowed to teach it.

Because it’s a low impact, it’s great for people who have joint problems or who want to balance their high impact routines out. Though there’s music involved, it’s also great for people who aren’t into choreography-based classes as there’s no rhythm involved. The bikes come with resistance knobs too so if you wish to make your ride heavier (and thus amp the challenge) you can just turn the knob. The entire workout allows you to exercise at your own level.




The Spinning class area at Elorde Plus.
Spinning area.


My first Spinning class


My first-ever Spinning class was with Coach Chu Corpus at Elorde Plus. The first thing we did was to set my bike properly by adjusting the saddle and handlebars to my height and reach. You need to do this to ensure an effective workout and also to prevent injury. I was also shown how to add more resistance to my ride as well as how to put a break on the bike.

I was happy to discover that the class wasn’t purely about cycling. The cycling sessions were interspersed with cardio intervals plus an ab workout, both on the floor. So it is cycling with a more encompassing fitness twist! We did two minutes of cycling (with me alternating between sitting on the saddle and standing up) then a minute or so of cardio (high knees, mountain climbers, sprints, and squats). After several repeats of that, we did a short ab strengthening sequence. There was also of course a warm-up and a cooldown.

By the way, Coach Chu mentioned while I was sprinting that a Spinning class can burn around 400-500 calories. Hurray!

Overall, it was a challenging but fun workout. You’ll definitely work but it’s not I’m-gonna-pass-out hard. Would I consider doing it again and maybe occasionally incorporating it in my routine? Yes!




Elorde Plus Spinning instructor Coach Chu.
With Coach Chu.


Where to get your Spinning fix


If you want to give Spinning a try, you can always drop by where I had my class earlier today: Elorde Plus in BF Paranaque.   


Elorde Plus

290 A. Aguirre Avenue, BF Paranaque, Metro Manila

(02) 826 6383

On Facebook: facebook.com/elordeplus

Landmarks: Look for Presentation of the Child Jesus Church or the Starbucks branch that’s beside the church.


You can also check out the following places:


Electric Studio

2/F 8 Forbes Town Road, Bonifacio Global City

(02) 833 6052


On Facebook: facebook.com/teamelectricph


Ride Revolution

3/F Steps Dance Studio, 8465 Kalayaan Avenue, Poblacion, Makati City

0977 807 7545


On Facebook: facebook.com/riderevolutionph


Saddle Row

2/F Serendra, Bonifacio Global City

(02) 966 3610


On Facebook: facebook.com/saddlerowphilippines


Note that I haven’t tried any of those three studios yet. I got their deets from a Spot.ph article and am listing them here so my readers can have other options. If you know of any other good indoor cycling studios with Spinning facilities, drop me a line so I can include them in my list.

Just a few starter tips: make sure to tighten the straps of the pedals because you’ll be doing a lot of intervals of standing up and sitting down. Also, as with all workouts, hydration is a must. Bring water. 🙂

Needless to say, enjoy!!




Spinning 101 at Elorde Plus.
Spinning 101 at Elorde Plus.


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Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. I was given my free voucher in my personal capacity and not as a lifestyle blogger. I am not affiliated with any of the establishments I mentioned in this blog. The opinions stated are my own.

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Info from SparkPeople and Spot.ph.

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