Well-thy Pinoy Profiles: Get to Know Rima Castillo

Well-thy Pinoy Profiles: Rima Castillo. Image from Rima Onofre-Castillo.
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Idea Crib’s Well-thy Pinoy Profiles blog series is now underway!! With this blog series, I plan to regularly feature healthy and happy Pinoys and glean insights about why and how they keep healthy and happy. The ultimate aim is to inspire more individuals to take care of themselves by taking care of their health and their bodies.

The fourth featured personality in this blog series is entrepreneur and fit mama Rima Onofre-Castillo. Check out her answers in the blog’s latest post.


Well-thy Pinoy Profiles: Get to Know Rima Castillo


Occupation Brilliant Jewelry Entrepreneur

Hobbies Cooking, CrossFit, Travelling

Social media profile IG: @rimavilla




Well-thy Pinoy Profiles: Rima Castillo. Image from Rima Onofre-Castillo.
Well-thy Pinoy Profiles: Rima Castillo. Image from Rima Onofre-Castillo.



How do you stay healthy?

My secret for staying healthy is being around healthy people. I make sure to combine physical activity with a balanced diet.


Why do you keep healthy?

Being a new mom of two little ones, I want to be a role model to my family when it comes to healthy eating and being active. I believe that if you want to raise a healthy child you need to become a healthy parent.


When did you decide to live healthy?

I was always the chubby girl in school.

Back in college, I met my boyfriend, now husband, who was a fitness enthusiast. He invited me to try working out in a gym; a few months later, it became a routine which developed into passion.


What are your favorite indulgences/ cheat day treats?

My homemade chocolate chip cookies.


In your opinion, what’s the one thing people can do to kick-start their journey to wellness?

I think the most important thing about healthy lifestyle is taking it at your own pace and make changes that fit your lifestyle. Pick one small health habit at a time until its a natural part of your routine.



Know what, earlier this year, I was looking for fit mamas to interview for this blog. They’re such an inspiring example for those of us who strive to fit in fitness in our daily lives. That’s why I super glad when I realized that Rima was in my network and that she was a great fit for this series!


What can you say about Rima’s journey to fitness and wellness? Are you into CrossFit too? 🙂 Who else can I feature in this series? I’d love to hear your comments below.


The first three Well-thy Pinoy Profiles featured marathoner Arthane Carlo Sicatrunning blogger Noelle De Guzman, and yoga enthusiast MarkAnthony Sy.


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Photo from Rima Onofre-Castillo.

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