How to get to Inasakan Beach

Inasakan Beach. Shot using a GoPro. Image from Leslie Lazarte.
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How to get to Inasakan Beach

Or, tips from our 22-hour adventure in Mindoro


Have you gone to the beach yet? We have one more weekend before summer in the Philippines officially ends! If you’re free this weekend, consider hitting the road and checking out hidden gems like Inasakan Beach in Mindoro. Here’s how to get to Inasakan Beach:


Rough itinerary


Friday night, 9 p.m. – Departure from Dimple Star’s bus terminal in Alabang

Saturday morning, shortly past midnight – Arrival at the RoRo (or roll-on roll-off ferries) port in Batangas

Saturday morning, past 4 a.m. – Arrival at Calapan’s port area in Occidental Mindoro

Saturday morning, shortly past 11 a.m. – Arrival at San Jose’s bus terminal in Occidental Mindoro; early check-in at Sikatuna Beach Hotel

Saturday noon – Boat trip from San Jose to Inasakan Beach in Ilin Island

Saturday afternoon, shortly before 2 p.m. – Inasakan Beach!

Saturday afternoon, shortly past 5 p.m. – Trip back to San Jose from Inasakan Beach

Saturday evening to early Sunday morning – Free time

Sunday morning, 9:30 a.m. – Departure from San Jose’s bus terminal in Occidental Mindoro to Alabang

Sunday evening, shortly after 9 p.m. – Arrival at the RoRo port in Batangas

Sunday evening, shortly past 11:30 p.m. – Home sweet home


In the RoRo vessel on our way to Calapan. Photo from Leslie Lazarte.
In the RoRo vessel on our way to Calapan. Photo from Leslie Lazarte.


Additional notes


The trip from Batangas to Mindoro only takes around two hours but the RoRo ships do not leave immediately. They sell Bonamine pills on board the RoRo vessels for those who have motion sickness. There’s also food and drinks available.

The best time to head to Inasakan Beach is around 8 a.m. If you leave in the morning, you’ll be able to reach the beach in half an hour. We headed to the beach in the afternoon when the waves were already huge, which was why it took us almost two hours to reach the place.

The cottage rental in Inasakan Beach is optional.

There is no electricity in Inasakan Beach. The toilets there are very basic.

You can actually already enjoy the beach in San Jose. The place we stayed at was a simple beachfront hotel with Wi-Fi plus all the basic amenities: A/C, cable TV, private T&B, room service, etc. The quality of the beach in Ilin Island is way better, though.

One wonderful aspect about being in the province is that supplies and services are more affordable. Since San Jose’s located by the seashore, I suggest buying fresh seafood before heading off to Inasakan Beach. You can just grill your food there. And if you feel like having a body massage, by the way, we met a reflexologist in San Jose named Vhon – he’s actually my friend’s cousin’s friend – who does massages for only Php 300.

Buy your pasalubong (for those who aren’t familiar, it’s the Filipino tradition of bringing home souvenirs or treats from your trips to loved ones) from those peddling food items during bus stopovers. I really liked the ube pastillas (milky yam sweets) which I bought for only Php 10./pack. I regret buying only two packs.


Enjoying the view at Occidental Mindoro.
Enjoying the view at Occidental Mindoro.


Chill. At Occidental Mindoro.


Inasakan Beach unfiltered! The sand is white and powder-fine.
Inasakan Beach unfiltered! The sand is white, powder-fine, and clean. I hope future travelers keep it that way. #leavenotrace


Another angle. At Inasakan Beach.
Another angle.


Kids at play. At Inasakan Beach.
Kids at play.


Breakfast at Sikatuna Beach Hotel.
Breakfast at Sikatuna Beach Hotel.


Bye, Mindoro! Occidental Mindoro's port area.
Bye, Mindoro!


Approximate budget


Bus fare from Alabang to San Jose in Occidental Mindoro – Php 900. one-way (this already includes the Php 222. RoRo fee) or Php 1800. round trip

Snacks at the RoRo ferry – Php 50.

Tryke fare from the San Jose bus terminal to Sikatuna Beach Hotel – Php 30.-50.

Sikatuna Beach Hotel room (double bed with A/C, cable TV, and private T&B): Php 1300./night; add Php 300. for each additional bed

Whole day boat rental (San Jose in Occidental Mindoro to Inasakan Beach in Ilin Island) – Php 2000.

Inasakan Beach entrance – Php 20./person

Inasakan Beach cottage (fits 10-15 persons) – Php 500.

Breakfast at Sikatuna – Php 100.


Total damage: Around Php 3400./person.






Inasakan Beach is beautiful and unspoilt.

The people of San Jose are warm and hospitable.




The travel time!! As you can surmise, our trip was very tiring. I highly suggest either flying there (Cebu Pacific has flights to San Jose) or taking your car and leaving it at the Batangas port, so at least you’ll only have ride the bus for 6 hours (Calapan to San Jose). If you decide to do what we did though, well.. don’t say I didn’t warn you. I suggest staying there for two nights to fully enjoy the place. 🙂


Inasakan Beach. Shot using a GoPro. Photo from Leslie Lazarte.
Inasakan Beach. Shot using a GoPro. Photo from Leslie Lazarte.


Contact numbers


Dimple Star


Facebook: Via their Facebook page

Alabang terminal: +63.02.664.7796 or +63.02.809.7796


Cebu Pacific


Flights: Via their official website


Sikatuna Beach Hotel


Website: Via TripAdvisor


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