Quirky Filipino-themed fun run ideas

How about a Rio-inspired fun run? Your costume can be as audacious as you want. Image from Pixabay user luancosta (https://pixabay.com/p-642479/?no_redirect).
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Quirky Filipino-inspired fun run theme ideas

by Patricia Mirasol


Themed fun runs have gained popularity in the Philippines in recent years. From mud runs to zombie runs, running enthusiasts are spoiled for choice when it comes to events that add a twist to regular running events. What other themes for fun runs have yet to be explored in these shores? I listed a few ideas:


A hugot run


A marathoner friend of mine, Carlo, suggested this to me during the 2012 Nike WeRun event. He said that single, recently single, and individuals with – ehem – complicated matters of the heart would benefit from a run created specifically for those who need to take a load off their chests (“hugot” can be translated as “to pull out”). Whether or not you’ll find a resolution to your problem, what’s certain is that you’ll gain from the endorphins running brings. Who knows, you might even meet new people along the way!





A hugot line. Rough translation: I tripped while jogging. She says,
A hugot line. Rough translation: I tripped while jogging. She says, “Does it hurt?” I say, “I just tripped. It’s not like anyone left me.” Image from Pinoy Fitness.


A foodie race/culinary run inspired by the Marathon du Medoc


In France, they have this marathon called the Marathon du Medoc. Instead of agua, you get served the best wines from Bordeaux in each water stop. That’s because the marathon’s course runs through that world-famous wine locale. You can also choose from among the other specialties of the region like oysters, steaks, cheese, and ice cream. Awesome, huh?

Taking off from that incredible event, maybe we can have a culinary run here instead. Runners will be treated to the best foodie treats of a particular province. For instance, a run across Ilocos Norte can come with stations every several hundred meters offering bite-sized samplers of Laoag longganisa, Pasuquin biscocho (bread roll), fusion pizza, and heck – why not – exotic treats like bu-os (boiled fire ant eggs). Post-race, you can indulge in heavier fare like miki noodles a savory noodle soup with white miki noodles) and dinengdeng (a stew made primarily with vegetables). Talking about indulging…


A cheat day run


In the States, they have the Twinkie Run and the Krispy Kreme Run. They’re as indulgent as their names suggest. The Krispy Kreme Challenge, for instance, would have you run 5 miles in an hour and consume 12 doughnuts (i.e., 2400 calories) along the way. Of course, the participants can choose to eat only as much or as little as they want. Maybe the fact that it’s for charity offsets the guilt of eating that much? Wow.

Anyway, a great idea for a cheat day fun run would be one geared for chocoholics. A post-race festival serving different types of chocolates and chocolate products seems like a good way to cap off an exciting run.



How about a Rio-inspired fun run? Your costume can be as audacious as you want. Image from Pixabay user luancosta (https://pixabay.com/p-642479/?no_redirect).
How about a Rio-inspired fun run? Your costume can be as audacious as you want. Image from Pixabay user luancosta.


A festival run inspired by Brazil’s Carnival


Brazil’s Carnival is celebrated 46 days before the Easter festival. This weeklong celebration of fun and revelry is marked by colorful costumes and upbeat samba beats. Now translate that into a fun run version. Participants are encouraged to express themselves via their favorite characters, whether fictional, historical, or whimsical. The theme of the run can even be tied in with the theme of any one of our famous local fiestas. If you know people who think running is a drag, inviting them to an event like this might just change their perspective about the sport.


Other themed fun run ideas


80s-themed fun run From 80s fashion (leotards) and 80s music (glam rock) to 80s references (E.T., Back to the Future, etc.). Everything that screams the 80s.

Star Wars Run Unleash your inner Jedi and use the force to race against imperial storm troopers.

Villains Run Come as your favorite villain. Think Cruella DeVille, Joker, Ursula.


Fun runs are about wellness and fun. When it comes to themed fun runs, needless to say, it’s best to just enjoy the event and not worry about your PR. 🙂 What about you? What types of themed fun runs do you think we should have here? 🙂


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Images from Pinoy Fitness and Pixabay.

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