Surfing in Liw-liwa, Zambales

Surfing at Liw-liwa in Zambales. Image by Germy Belo.
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Surfing in Liw-liwa, Zambales


I never thought that I could surf. When I was much younger, I spent most of my leisure time reading and listening to music. Back then, the most exercise I got was walking around the mall. Fast forward to 2013: while I still love literature and music, my interests have expanded and now include outdoorsy adventures. So maybe it was inevitable that I would wake up one fine April morning and decide to give surfing a try.


Mommy Phoebe’s

Googling about the best surf spots nearest the metro led me to Pinoy Adventurista. In his site, he mentioned Liw-liwa in Zambales and having a hearty lunch at Mommy Phoebe’s. I planned my itinerary on his post and invited a few friends along for this day adventure.

Liw-liwa is in Iba, Zambales, a 3-5 hour ride from Manila. You have to keep your eyes peeled for Bobulon Elementary School from the main highway. The road leading to Liw-liwa is right beside it.

Upon reaching the place, we immediately looked for Mommy Phoebe’s and were happy to discover that it was a one-stop shop. Everything you need is already there. Apart from selling beach essentials and home-cooked meals, they also offer surfing lessons for beginners.


Mommy Phoebe, Peter, Germy, and I. Image from Germy Belo.
Mommy Phoebe, Peter, Germy, and I. Image from Germy Belo.



Our surf instructors that day were Bong, Frank, and Chris. They were very accommodating and patient. On our way to the beach, they mentioned that the thriving surf community in Zambales was still pretty young. Surfing started to become really popular only around 3 years ago. The actual surfing orientation was around 10-15 minutes short, which kinda took us by surprise.


Surfing 101. Image from Peter Rivera.
Surfing 101. Image from Peter Rivera.

With our instructors, Bong and Frank. Image from Germy Belo.
With our instructors, Bong, and Frank. Image from Germy Belo.


Surfing the waves

I felt a fleeting sense of anxiety when the instructors said that it was finally time to surf. I pushed that feeling aside, and was afterwards very glad that I did so. The feeling of being able to surf the waves is incredible! I felt like I became a braver person because of this experience. Sounds like an exaggeration, I know, but it’s true. I recommend surfing to everyone!


This is it! Image from Germy Belo.
This is it! Image from Germy Belo.

Woot! Image from Germy Belo.
Woot! Image from Germy Belo.

Riding the wave. Image from Germy Belo.
Riding the wave. Image from Germy Belo.



  • If you’re female, don’t wear bandeaus. You will lose it. 

  • A budget of around Php 1500. will be enough for a day trip. Expect to shell out Php 400. for an hour-long surfing lesson at Mommy Phoebe’s. Their meals are between Php 70.-150. A huge chunk of your budget will go to the bus rides from Manila to Zambales and back. 

  • There are accommodations like Circle Hostel for those who wish to stay overnight. Rooms with fans are around Php 350./night.

  • Don’t forget to refer to Magic Seaweed to check if there are waves on the day you’re planning to surf.



Contact information

Mommy Phoebe’s

– for surf lessons, food, meals, and beach essentials (rash guards, sunscreens, towels, etc.)

Phone number: (0918) 545 8007


Victory Liner

– for daily trips to Iba, Zambales

Phone numbers:


(02) 727 4688

(02) 410 8986


(02) 833 4403


(047) 811 1392

Email address:


Peter, Germy, and I. Image from Germy Belo.
Peter, Germy, and I. Image from Germy Belo.


Additional friendly advice: surfing can get physically strenuous. If you have a health concern (like heart ailments or knee issues), then it might be a good idea to get cleared by your doctor first. Better safe than sorry.


When are you gonna surf?


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