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Special Promo Codes!

Special Promo Codes

Here are some special promo codes given to me by various vendors for the benefit of my Idea Crib readers. This page will be updated regularly.


Pickle Healthy Meal Delivery

Promo code: ideacrib2017

Type in ideacrib2017 in their order form and get a 10% discount. It’s for first-time subscribers on their first week.


Aaptiv: the #1 Audio Fitness App

Promo code: BURPEES

Download the app and start crushing your goals with a free 30-day trial. Use the code BURPEES at checkout.


A Lemon A Day

Promo code: 02541

Disclosure: A Lemon A Day is one of my side projects. My healthy lemon jam variant is not listed at the moment, but do ask me about it if you want your jam with brown instead of white sugar. Use the code 02541 at checkout. One redemption per customer only. The given code is limited to my first 10 customers.



Referral link: Click here.

My teacher’s referral link above gives you 2 free months of Skillshare Premium. Signing up at Skillshare gives you access to hundreds of online classes in the platform (including my own!).


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