My first published article was in this June 2012 issue of Women's Health Philippines.

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Patricia Mirasol


Compelling content whatever the platform.


I’m Patricia Mirasol, and I translate complex health information into actionable tips and engaging stories for a wider audience. Drop me a line here or on my blog’s Facebook page for queries or more information. Thanks.


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Healthcare: a priority in the Philippines

Maria Health

May 2016

I’m young. Is PhilHealth enough?

Maria Health

May 2016

SUM Mobile and their 8-man Filipino team

Maria Health

October 2016

Why do I need health insurance?

Maria Health

October 2016

Health Literacy: An Absolute Must – An article explaining the importance of health literacy.

Enrich Magazine

July 2012

Silent Scourge – A primer on the HIV/AIDS situation in the Philippines.

Women’s Health Philippines

December 2013

Tired of paying out-of-pocket for healthcare?

Maria Health

May 2016



Who is Edsa? A Brief History Behind the Name

When In Manila

March 2015



Success Story: From Kasambahay to Agent

Rappler X

May 2016



Tips To Beat Manila’s Summer Heat – A few practical tips on how to beat Manila’s incredibly sizzling summer temperatures.

Enrich Magazine

June 2015

The pain that is Manila traffic

Rappler X

September 2015



UpCrowded TV: Meet Krissha Viaje

UpCrowded TV

December 2016



3 Benefits of Owning a Dog: What Dog Ownership Can Mean for You

When In Manila

January 2015



They came, they saw…who conquered?

Rappler X

February 2016


I need to call you out on this, Mr. Duterte

Rappler X

April 2016



Wakeboarding 101 – A brief article about the history of wakeboarding in the Philippines.

Enrich Magazine

October 2013



Tiptop in a Tap – A rundown of the most noteworthy health and fitness apps available.

Women’s Health Philippines

March 2013



Keeping Healthy While Traveling Is Easier Than You Think

Two Monkeys Travel Group

April 2015



Ease Your Way Out of Stress – Several tips on how to manage the daily stresses of life better.

Enrich Magazine

February 2013


Other writing projects

Marketing copy – Occasionally writes landing pages for Canva’s layouts. A sample of the type of work I do can be found here.


October 2015 – present


Others – Blogs, scripts, speeches, press releases, etc. Contact me for more information.


Other projects

Teaching – I have a Blogging 101 class at Skillshare.



Curriculum development – I help create lesson plans for students learning English at Learntalk.



Graphic design – I’ve helped design a trade show brochure and banner for Cassidy e-Care Solutions, Inc.

Cassidy e-Care Solutions, Inc.



“I like your writing style. I love your work.”

Vincent Lau, CEO of Maria Health


“I really love your work and your attitude. Madalang lang sa ibang freelance (It’s a rare trait among freelancers).”

Jayson Dollesin, Project Manager of IcedLemon Media


“Ms. Mirasol has been a regular contributor to Enrich going back to the magazine’s formative years and it has been a pleasure working with her as the magazine has evolved from 2009 until today. Given the diversity of content that Enrich features, Patricia has proven herself more than versatile and capable enough to comprehensively construct articles on a wide-ranging number of topics, and is always keen to branch out even further into new areas while remaining true to and focused on her strengths.

Stephen Jeffery, Media Director of Skittles-Brooke Media


Do contact me via the form below. Please feel free to add as many details about your project as necessary. Thank you.