Frequently Asked Questions



Frequently Asked Questions


Want Idea Crib to be a media partner for your event? Need to ask me something? Please browse the sections below first to see if your question is on my Frequently Asked Questions list.


What is Idea Crib?


Who are you and what is Idea Crib?


Kindly read my About Me page. You can also read my Why Idea Crib? page.


Guest posts, media sponsorships, etc.


Can I write a guest post for your blog? I promise the post will benefit your readers.


No, sorry. I am not accepting guest posts at the moment or anytime soon.


Can I create an infographic for your blog? I promise the post will benefit your readers. You just have to mention me/my blog in return.


No, sorry. I am not accepting infographics at the moment or anytime soon.


Can I invite you as a media partner/sponsor for our event/promo/party?


Short answer:

It depends. You need to create a detailed Memorandum of Agreement first and promise to adhere to that agreement. Please don’t take it personally if I don’t accept your request, though. I’m not keen on accepting any at the moment. The media partnership experiences I’ve had in the past were not positive.


Long answer:

It depends. I am not keen on accepting media partnerships at the moment. That’s because the memoranda of the events I’ve agreed to write about in the past were not followed. The first media partnership I had was with a foundation that already attached a Memorandum of Agreement with their email. In that memorandum, they promised to give me freebies and a certificate of participation plus promote my blog in ALL (emphasis theirs) their promotional materials in exchange for pre- and post-event blogs. Since the event was in line with my blog’s topics, I said yes. The event went well, except that my blog’s name wasn’t in the list of media sponsors they kept flashing on the screen. Also, when it was time to receive my certificate, I realized that they hadn’t actually prepared anything for me because they gave me the certificate of another blogger who was absent. The emcee whispered that they’d just mail me a proper certificate soon while I pretended to smile for their camera.

But wait, there’s more: when I got home, I decided to check their social media accounts to see if they actually promoted my blog regularly like they said they would. My discovery: they only did 3 out of 12 times – or in 3 out of at least 12 posts of theirs – which doesn’t coincide with my definition of “ALL” (again, this word stood out in the memorandum because they themselves highlighted it). The PR person only apologized when I sent an email expressing my disappointment about the entire matter. In her apology though, she made it appear that all I was really after was a certificate with my name on it. Super fun, right??

In my second experience, a university organization asked if I could be a media sponsor for their upcoming event. They’d give me a free kit plus promote my blog once in exchange for a blog post about the event. I replied that I’d do two blog posts for them. I asked for them to promote both posts in all three of their social media accounts in exchange. The person I was in contact with agreed to the modified terms. 

The event was an overall success. I, however, began to realize that I should be more discerning about who to say yes to. Here was my first bummer: they posted both blog posts just once and in just one of their social media accounts. My second bummer? They created a Facebook album thanking all of their media partners and sponsors but failed to acknowledge my blog. When I pointed this out to my contact, she apologized and said that I was invited by another committee and that it was their events committee that created the said album. Faulty organizing skills notwithstanding, I requested for my blog to be included in the said album. It seemed to be a pretty fair request, right? They invited me as a media partner, after all. My contact said she’d try but it never happened. Frankly, who cares about freebies and such if agreements aren’t honored. Come on… it’s not like I couldn’t afford a Php 650. freebie. At the end of the day, it’s about the principle of the thing.


Still want to ask me anyway? You can send your email below:


Can I invite you to try out or facilities/food/products for free in exchange for a write-up in your blog?


It depends. First of all, your facilities/food/products have to be in line with the topics I talk about here in my blog. Second of all, if I have to visit your facility, it has to be near enough for me to visit. Third of all, you’ll have to agree that I’ll be disclosing the fact that you paid for my meal/class/service, etc. in exchange for that write-up. I try to keep things transparent here. That said, I also don’t accept a whole lot of write-up requests.


Still want to ask me anyway? You can send your email below:


Writing projects, etc.


I need a health editor/ copy writer/ communications professional to help with my site, speech, booklet, mailing list, etc. Can I hire you?


Do click the link below and fill out the Project Request Form. Please feel free to add as many details about your project as necessary. The more info you provide, the better I can assess your needs and how I can help. Thank you.

P.S. I get heaps of inquiries from tire kickers asking me about my rates, so I might as well just state here that my floor rate for the simplest and quickest projects is Php 3000. I also charge premium for rush projects. Another thing: I have semi-regular clients so I apologize that I won’t be able to accommodate all project requests.




Would I get a faster response if I emailed you via your personal email?


No. Also, please do not contact me via my personal accounts. I try to keep my personal and public accounts separate. Thanks. 🙂


Other concerns


But I really need to ask you something that isn’t related to any of the stuff you just mentioned.


Alright then. Shoot me an email below.








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