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  • LoveYourself: An HIV Prevention Advocacy

    LoveYourself volunteers. Image from LoveYourself.

    Reading Time: 4 minutesLoveYourself: An HIV Prevention Advocacy   I was invited to a LoveYourself concert and art exhibit last month which I unfortunately was not able to attend. I asked my friend, LoveYourself volunteer Joseph Cadelina, what the organization was all about and learned that their primary advocacy was HIV prevention. In this week’s blog, I interviewed […]

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  • HIV, Pinays, and the RH Law

    Learn your ABC's. This World AIDS Day poster is from the DOH.

    Reading Time: 2 minutes  HIV, Pinays, and the Reproductive Health Law   Sometimes when I’m looking for story ideas to pitch to my editors, I check my shortlist of credible sites to get a feel of upcoming slants and the latest trends. For general news, I go to CNN, BBC, and the Inquirer. For business, it’s usually Fortune […]