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  • 3 Easy, Quick, and Healthy July Treats

    Choco-dipped frozen banana bites. Get the recipe here: http://ideacrib.net/2016/07/20/3-easy-quick-healthy-july-treats/.

    Reading Time: 2 minutes3 Easy, Quick, and Healthy July Treats   July is Nutrition Month, so I thought of sharing three easy, quick, and healthy treats to do:   Choco-Dipped Frozen Banana Bites I got this recipe from Kelly of Keeper of the Home. You basically add peanut butter in between frozen slices of banana then dip the […]

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  • My 2015 Christmas recipes

    Jesus is the reason for the season.

    Reading Time: 2 minutes  My 2015 Christmas recipes   …which is to say, not my personal recipes but the recipes I’ll be doing this Christmas. 🙂 I just literally got back from the supermarket and it was a very tiring experience. It seemed that everyone was bent on finishing their grocery shopping just in time for noche buena […]

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  • Why chia seeds are awesome

    You can pair them with almost anything. This is chia with Greek yogurt, banana, and toasted walnuts with honey. Image from flickr.com user Tracy Benjamin.

    Reading Time: 2 minutes    Why chia seeds are awesome by Patricia Nadine Mirasol   Every since my brother gifted me with a packet of these last Christmas, I’ve been curious to know exactly whether chia seeds were as good as they were hyped up to be. Why are they touted as a so-called “superfood” with benefits that […]