• Christmas
  • Healthy Holiday Recipes to Do

    Googling for easy, quick, and delish holiday recipes.

    Reading Time: 3 minutes  Healthy Holiday Recipes to Do   Is it just me or does the Christmas holidays make you feel like puttering about the kitchen and experimenting with new recipes too? 🙂 That’s certainly the case with me. Anyway, I’m planning early this year lest I panic again over what to cook come Christmas Eve. If you […]

  • Christmas
  • My 2015 Christmas recipes

    Jesus is the reason for the season.

    Reading Time: 2 minutes  My 2015 Christmas recipes   …which is to say, not my personal recipes but the recipes I’ll be doing this Christmas. 🙂 I just literally got back from the supermarket and it was a very tiring experience. It seemed that everyone was bent on finishing their grocery shopping just in time for noche buena […]