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  • How to get to Inasakan Beach

    Inasakan Beach. Shot using a GoPro. Image from Leslie Lazarte.

    Reading Time: 5 minutesHow to get to Inasakan Beach Or, tips from our 22-hour adventure in Mindoro   Have you gone to the beach yet? We have one more weekend before summer in the Philippines officially ends! If you’re free this weekend, consider hitting the road and checking out hidden gems like Inasakan Beach in Mindoro. Here’s how […]

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  • Ride the Waves at Crystal Beach

    Obligatory pre-surfing shot at Crystal Beach, Zambales.

    Reading Time: 4 minutes  Ride the Waves at Crystal Beach   Crystal Beach is a popular beach resort and surf spot in Zambales, a province 256.2 kilometers away from Manila. The resort has volleyball, camping, glamping, and surfing facilities, among other amenities. For those considering visiting the place, here’s a sneak peak of what to expect:   Entrance […]