Travel reflections of a weekend warrior

Photo by Leio McLaren on Unsplash.
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Travel reflections of a weekend warrior


I was browsing through my Facebook news feed earlier this month when I chanced upon this photo by Eddie the Explorer:


That got me into thinking. People groaning on Mondays and anticipating the weekend on Fridays is a well-known scenario. A weekend is something those with 9-5 jobs look forward to because it very much feels like a happy reward after the humdrum toils of the week.

Having had regular 9-5 jobs in the past, this is something I can personally relate to. If you’re only given two specific days a week for fun, you make the most out of it. This need to suck the marrow out of (weekend) life has enabled me in fact to master the art of packing in all my social commitments on Saturdays and Sundays, a skill that I know is shared by many.

I’ve often wondered with a bit of sadness, though, as to why people couldn’t manage to experience life and live during the week as well. I mean, I know everyone has pressing responsibilities and that bills need to be paid, but still. Wouldn’t it be a happy reality if people didn’t have to wait all week just to live and pursue their other, equally worthy endeavors on weekends? I mean, that’s exactly why weekends fly by so quickly, doesn’t it? It’s ‘coz time flies by when we’re having fun.


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Does the Facebook post above resonate with you too? What would you do if your work schedule was more flexible?


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Featured image by Leio McLaren.

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