Health tests every woman needs: prices in Manila

A mammogram machine. © IDEA CRIB I IDEACRIB.NET
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Health tests every woman needs: prices in Manila


Prices of the most common health tests for women in Metro Manila


Because International Women’s Day was last March 8, I’ve listed down some of the most common health tests every woman needs plus their regular prices in Manila. The prices are current as of March 2017. Before anything else though, do consult a trusted health professional.


Spring flower illustration from Lembrik's Artworks:
Illustration from Lembrik’s Artworks.


As of March 2017
FacilityPhone numberMammogramBreast ultrasoundUrinalysisPap smearTSH screening
Medicard ClinicToll free: 1-800-1-888-9001
Festival Alabang: (02) 850 3209
Php 1670.(Bilateral) Php 1159.(Both sides) Php 90. Php 180. Php 1000. (IRMA)
Php 930. (ECLIA)
Healthway ClinicCustomer care hotline: (02) 751 4929Php 1700.Php 1700.Php 275.Php 510.Php 2100.
Asian HospitalBreast Center number: (02) 876 5706
Center for Women’s Health number: (02) 876 5765
Php 3568.Php 3107.Php 406.Php 746. (Conventional)
Php 2049. (Liquid)
Php 2423.
St. Luke’s BGCHotline: (02) 789 7700
Women’s Healthcare: local 2099
Breast Center: local 2079
Php 2900.Php 2921.  * Their lab’s number is always busy. Will call again.* Depends on your OB-GYN.    * Their lab’s number is always busy. Will call again.
Makati Medical Center Hotline: (02) 8888 999 Php 3800. Php 3000.Php 385. Php 900. Php 1200.
Hi-Precision DiagnosticsHotline: (02) 741 7777Php 1500.Php 800.Php 75.Php 400.Php 420.
Manila Doctor’s Hospital UN Trunkline: (02) 558 0888
Mammogram: local 2760
Php 2437. Php 1800.Php 270. Php 440. Php 1400.(IRMA)


Medicine kit. Image from Pixabay user justyre:
Prevention is best.




Mole screening

I deleted the entire mole screening column in the table above because all the facilities I called said to check with your dermatologist first for that test.


Makati Medical Center

They do not give mammograms to women less than 40 years of age.

Their mammogram and breast ultrasound package is Php 5403. Both tests are by appointment.


Manila Doctor’s Hospital UN Avenue

TSH screening is by schedule. Drop by between Mondays to Fridays from 7-9 a.m. Cut-off is 9 a.m. Results will be released on the same day.

Breast ultrasounds are also by schedule. Call (02) 558 0692.


Asian Hospital

If you get both the mammogram and the breast ultrasound, then you only pay Php 5390.

The Breast Center’s hours are M-S, excluding holidays. Their doctors have cut-off periods (8-11 a.m. and 1-4 p.m.). The doctors may choose to shorten the cut-off periods, however, depending on the number of patients.

Their thyroid screen test (which tests for 3 hormones and not just one like the TSH screening test) is Php 4668. Ask your doctor which one you need.


Hi-Precision Diagnostics

The prices quoted are for their Las Pinas and Del Monte branches. Their Alabang branch has different rates (they charge Php 2000. per mammogram in their Alabang branch, for instance). If you avail of both the mammogram and breast ultrasound, then you only pay Php 2200.


What are these women’s wellness tests for?


A mammogram machine. © IDEA CRIB I IDEACRIB.NET
A mammogram machine.


Mammogram – It helps screen for breast cancer. Since it’s not recommended for women under the age of 40, your doctor may opt for a clinical breast exam instead. You may be recommended one, however, if you have risk factors.

Breast ultrasound – A supplemental test for breast cancer screening that uses sound waves to analyze tissues. May be recommended by your doctor depending on your risk factors and personal preferences.

Urinalysis – Used to check for urinary tract infections, diabetes, and kidney problems. It also monitors some medical conditions and treatments.

Pap smear – For women between the ages of 21-65; should ideally be taken every 5 years if you’re getting the HPV swab and Pap test together. It tests for cervical cancer and may also done together with a pelvic exam (which checks for uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, etc.).

Mole screening – A test for early skin cancer detection. Start having an annual skin check at age 30, and repeat twice a year if you’re high risk.

TSH screening – This blood test is ideal if you have a family history of thyroid disorders or suddenly suffer from fatigue, weight changes, and depression.


March 8 is International Women's Day. © IDEA CRIB I IDEACRIB.NET
March 8.


There are more such prevention-related tests. I just limited this post to these six ones. Hmm.. that might be a good enough reason to write a part two!

How many of these tests are you familiar with? Where do you usually go for your check-ups?

Belated happy International Women’s Day!!


Note that I am not affiliated with any of the establishments above. This is an informational post and is neither a sponsored nor exhaustive one. Consult your doctor for any health concerns.


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Note that I am not affiliated with any of the establishments above. This is an informational post and is neither a sponsored nor exhaustive one. Consult your doctor for any health concerns.

Health information from Prevention, Medline Plus (here and here), RealSimple, and Mayo Clinic (here and here).

Medicine kit image from Pixabay user justyre. Flower illustrations from Lembrik’s Artworks.

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  1. Hi,thank you for this. It helped me a lot. I was calling every hospital,medical centers and clinics for 2 hours. Thank God I checked facebook and saw your blog. Anyway, as of September 14,2017, they still have the same charges except Hi-prec Las Piñas who is unreachable. More power and God bless

    1. Yay, I’m super happy you found value in my post! Your comment made my day. You’re welcome. 🙂 Do share it with those who might need these details too.

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