Mt. Daguldol's summit.

Mt. Daguldol Plus Laiya Beach: A Day Guide   Want to climb a mountain and chill at the beach all in one day? Why not? It’s fun and we were able to do it last May. Our trip wasn’t without its share of adventures, though! Here’s my own Mt. Daguldol plus Laiya Beach day guide: […]

Choco-dipped frozen banana bites. Get the recipe here:

3 Easy, Quick, and Healthy July Treats   July is Nutrition Month, so I thought of sharing three easy, quick, and healthy treats to do:   Choco-Dipped Frozen Banana Bites I got this recipe from Kelly of Keeper of the Home. You basically add peanut butter in between frozen slices of banana then dip the […]

LoveYourself volunteers. Image from LoveYourself.

LoveYourself: An HIV Prevention Advocacy   I was invited to a LoveYourself concert and art exhibit last month which I unfortunately was not able to attend. I asked my friend, LoveYourself volunteer Joseph Cadelina, what the organization was all about and learned that their primary advocacy was HIV prevention. In this week’s blog, I interviewed […]